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Cycling in a Winter Wonderland

May 25, 2015

As the colder months approach, there is something in the sub-conscious that it is screaming it’s too cold, dark, wet and miserable to be outside roaming the pavement. Of course it’s a primal reaction to the receding sunlight, which in turn is creating shorter days at a less inviting temperature, but it is by no means an excuse not to still enjoy the fresh air and physical benefits of getting out on the bike.

Here at all4cycling we don’t believe that the winter wonderland should impact upon your cycling satisfaction – merely just the distain for that it could be more conducive to a warm ride in the sunshine. There’s five products that you should consider to ensure that your work clothing, electronics and wallet make it to work without having to content with elements. And lucky for you, they are right here at all4cycling.

Dutchy Pannier

If you need everything but the kitchen sink stored away for the ride, then look no further than the Dutchy Pannier. Easily mountable to the bike with its universal mount system, it easily fits any rack.

It’s a chameleon of bags, either use as a pannier, or simply on arrival at your destination remove from the rack and use as a tote transport your goodies.

Constructed out of upcycled billboards and banners, At a bargain price $77.00 these are in hot demand. Buy now to avoid disappointment.


High Roller 36L Backpack Pannier

Our bag that has an identity crisis, this bag is unsure on whether it is a pannier or a backpack. Irrelevant on what you use it for, with a 36 litre capacity it’s large enough to stuff most of your belongings into and ensure that they’ll be safe and dry when you reach work or home.

Constructed from upcycled bicycle inner tubes, it is extremely robust, stormproof and versatile – wear it on your back or simply attach it to the bike with its quick mount system.

Competitively priced at $129.95, quality and value are easily achieved with this backpack/pannier.


Cycler 30L Messenger

You never know what the weather is going to do, so make sure that your work clothes and office bound items are safe and dry from the elements.

The Cycler messenger is built with speed, necessity and style in mind. Constructed from recycled tyres, this weather-proof storage bag will keep you keep sakes safe and dry. Simple to carry on the bike or as a sling bag, it is super functional during the winter months.

Retailing at $149.95, there is some extreme value here.



Pedaler 17L Messenger

From dusk to dawn, make sure you do everything possible to make sure you’re visible to those other road users. With winter lengthening the hours of darkness, visibility is achievable with this brightly coloured messenger with built in reflectors.

It is a perfect fit no matter your size with the fully adjustable straps, and at $99.95 a small price to pay for you or your child’s safety during the winter (and summer) months.



Cyclepath 22L Backpack

Visibility and fucntionality all rolled into one. With a 22L capacity, you’ll have plenty of room for the work clothes and with its bright coloured exterior, you’ll easily be visible to those rear ascending vehicles.

Simply throw it on your back and you’ll be coasting to work in the knowledge that your property is well looked after and safe from the elements for the small investment of $119.95.




Don’t let the winter blues impact up on you and your quest for activity and physical exertion. With these five products, and plenty more available, you winter wonderland travels can be undertaken in wonder rather than worrying about winter.

Got a favourite winter product that you’d love to share? Let us know in a comment below.

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