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Bike Safe Bollard - Urban Markers


The BikeSafe Bollard range has been designed to meet specific needs in bike path safety and signage. Our illuminated bollard is targeted specifically for pathway installation where visibility is poor and the potential for accidents is high. This bollard features a flexible base, reflective front and rear decals and a highly visible, LED solar light. It is a safer and smarter option to the unforgiving timber, concrete or solid plastic bollards that are prevalent on most walking/bike trails.

The standard bollard can also be used on pathways as an urban marker when lighting is not required. Individual bollards can be colour coded to represent specific locations or areas within your municipality. Each bollard can contain up to six icons printed onto high quality reflective vinyl decals. Custom icons are also available and your municipal or organisation logo can be included on the decal.

- Bright 45 LED solar flashing light
- High quality reflective vinyl 3M decals
- 7mm thick toughened rotomoulded plastic
- Flexible base to withstand high force collisions yet absorb impact
- Multiple base and mount options available