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Green Guru

At all4cyling, we’re always searching for new and innovative cycling products to share with you. We’re proud to introduce Green Guru products to our line of top quality cycling gear. 


A little bit about Green Guru

Based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, Green Guru sprang into life in 2007 as the house brand of Ecologic Designs. Headed by president and founder Davidson Lewis, their goal was simple: create practical, attractive, eco-friendly products made from reclaimed and upcycled materials such as wetsuits, bike inner tubes, climbing ropes, yoga mats, banners and billboard vinyl.

The idea came from the realisation that the cycling lifestyle generates a considerable amount of waste. With this in mind, Green Guru has based their whole business on sustainable actions with the goal of creating positive social, economic and environmental change.

As well as making a number of awesome products, they encourage businesses to become Green Guru recycling centres. With education and signage support, the partnering is highly beneficial to the business owner as well as portraying a clean, green image.


Green Guru products

The Green Guru badge emblazons many great products – backpacks of all sizes, messenger bags, cooler/panniers and more! Check out the travel kit, wallet, card holders, zipper pouches and tablet sleeves and cases, plus saddle and handlebar bags as well as accessories such as zipper pulls, waist belts, key chains, bracelets and a beverage coozie. You can browse their line of products and purchase them right from our website!


Revolutionary new product alert!

Kyla Burnet, a project manager, product developer and designer at Green Guru has been hard at work – and with the help of a successful Kickstarter Campaign, the Athena Clutch is soon to go into production. Made by women for women, the objective was to create a sturdy, yet attractive and stylish clutch that could attach to a bike of any size. Made from upcycled bike inner tubes, coloured banners, vinyl and fabric plus reflective leftovers from street signs, the clutch is attached to a bike’s handlebars, racks or top tube with adjustable straps that hide behind the clutch’s tight hand strap when not in use. Divided sleeve pockets have been incorporated into the inner fabric to store phones and keys and to separate small items from the main compartment.

The clutch was named after the Greek Goddess herself. Kyla says “Athena was the goddess of intelligence, skill, and peace. She was also the goddess of battle, so she must have been a bit saucy, too. We designed the clutch to reflect these qualities.”


Green Guru and all4cycling: A match made in heaven

At all4cycling, we’re proud to be the exclusive supplier and distributer of Green Guru gear in Australia. Just like them, we love to promote a sustainable, green product that won’t have a negative impact on our favourite outdoor environments. We chose to partner with Green Guru because we love the durability, quality and practicality of their products.  

Check out our online store to buy one of these fantastic products for yourself and help reduce waste and keep the environment clean and green for the future.

If you’re interested in stocking Green Guru products, please get in touch with us to discuss!

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