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Warranty, Service and Maintenance

All4cycling PTY Ltd Warranty

All4cycling Pty Ltd warrants its products to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship within a 1 – 10 year period (depending on product as defined below) from the date of purchase and will perform in accordance with provided original operation instructions if properly installed, and used. This warranty does not cover, and All4cycling shall not be liable for general wear and tear and maintenance items (example: pumps heads). This limited warranty expressly excludes and does not cover damage to any product, which is caused by improper handling, alteration, misuse, vandalism, incorrect installations or damage caused by exposure to the elements or by storm, hail, fire or flood. All aforementioned occurrences will immediately void the warranty.

Any product verified to be defective within that products warranty period shall upon prompt notice by its purchaser to our customer service department, either be replaced or repaired at our sole discretion. Merchandise cannot be returned without authorisation from customer service and a copy of the original invoice documenting date of purchase.

Purchaser is responsible for all costs involved in sending defective product back to All4cycling PTY Ltd. Warranty related inquiries should be addressed to the following address: All4cycling PTY Ltd, HQ Unit 2 7 Chisholm Court, Wodonga VIC 3690, Australia.

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All4cycling Warranty Summary

  • Bike Repair Stand: 10 years
  • Deluxe Bicycle Repair Stand: 10 years
  • Skateboard Repair Station: 10 years
  • Electric Bike Pump: 60 months
  • E Bike Charging Station: 24 months
  • High Security Public Bike Pumps Outdoor: 10 years
  • Wall mounted repair station: 10 years
  • Wheel Chock: 10 years
  • Bicycle access ramp: 24 months
  • Bike Wash & Bottle Fill Station: 24 months
  • Spacepods: 10 years
  • Streetpods: 10 years
  • End of Trip Vending Machine: As per contracted terms

Quality Products

As we are the largest provider of bike repair stations across the country and maintaining all these bike stations ourselves, we’ve seen and experienced ourselves what the requirements are for a quality bike maintenance station in Australia. 

We’ve been in business for more than 15 years and have rigurously worked through an elimination process to ensure that we (and you) are working with the best products in the cycling industry today.


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