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About Us

We’re dedicated to improving the experience of all cyclists

At all4cycling, we’re focused on delivering quality end-of-trip services and accessories to Australian and New Zealand cyclists when and where they need them most. Our solutions include the Pit Stop vending machine, public bike repair stands and air pumps. We’re also proud resellers of eco adventure gear — you can find the latest upcycled bike clothing and accessories right here!


Keeping it green with eco-friendly products

Cycling is an extremely eco-friendly mode of transport and recreation, but the gear we use can negatively impact the environment through the resources consumed in production and the waste created at the end of its life. This is why we’ve partnered with sustainability focused brands: Alchemy Goods and Green Guru. These like-minded folks upcycle waste materials including outdoor and cycling equipment, road sign scraps, billboards and truck vinyl to produce practical and stylish cycling products and accessories. This reduces landfill waste, uses fewer new materials and creates a closed-loop life cycle for thousands of products. You can help us make cycling even greener by checking out these eco-friendly products in our online store.


Inspiration for Australasia's first cycling vending machine

At all4cycling we live and breathe cycling. We ride for adventure, we ride to work and race on the weekends. Spending so much time in the saddle, we’ve experienced our fair share of unexpected breakdowns at inconvenient times. This is what inspired us to develop the Pit Stop, Australia and New Zealand's first vending machine created exclusively for cyclists. The Pit Stop frees cyclists from the constraints of bike shops by offering them access to repair kits and cycling accessories at any hour of the day, so they can get back on two wheels.


Our commitment

We know how important it is for you to finish your ride. We know that nothing should stand in the way of your experiences, your adventures and your memories. That’s why we’re all for cycling.

We will act with integrity in our quest to bring you convenient, practical and reliable cycling parts and accessories that meet your needs — especially when the circumstances don’t. Whether you are commuting or riding for recreation or sport, we will search the globe to bring you innovative and exclusive cycling gear.


Meet "Ricco the Bike Nut"

“My passion (also referred to as ‘addiction’ by reliable sources) goes back to my early years when I would jump on my trike and head off on an epic solo ride to my grandparents’ home. A lot has changed since then: the trike has been replaced with a Di2-equipped Trek Madone 6.9 race bike, there are different bikes for training, different parts and accessories for racing, wheels for climbing, wheels for speed and drawers full of the best race-cut Lycra and the coolest cycling socks to look ‘the biz’.

“I’m so thrilled to be able to share my passion with the cycling community in Australia and New Zealand through my company, all4cycling. By supporting the development of end-of-trip facilities and by offering top quality and eco-friendly cycling products, I hope our community will continue to grow as cycling becomes more and more accessible.”